Musical Credits

We would not be here without credits to, and the inspiration of, Dimebag Darrell. Dimebag is one of the greatest metal guitarists of all time and fellow Texas son. He gave us all his all, all of the time, and inspired us to get into music more seriously.

Dreams of Janis Joplin
Dreams of Janis Joplin

Thank you to Janis Joplin who inspires us every day because she was true to herself. We hope she looks down on us and smiles.

Album Cover Credits

A special thank you to ALL of our contributors as several of our videos contain Gnu and Creative Commons Licensed Material.

A very special thanks to Blender by The Blender Foundation under GNU General Public License (GPL) and Blendswap!

Graphics Credits

Thank You

We’ve tried to make the appropriate attributions listed conform to the Creative Commons best practices guide for attribution. However, if you see something missing, please Contact Us because we will make sure it is fixed!