Hippie Freak Fag Relapse

Please check out our album release, Hippie Trance, for a remix entitled “Hippie Freak Fag Relapse!” This is an extended version of our pioneering single release, “Hippie Freak Fag.”

Hippie Freak Fag All Over Again

As in the original release, this is a 140 BPM song by The Hell Raisin’ Hippies. Dimebag Darrell inspired the song with his unique brand of guitar playing. Yes, Dimebag Darrell was a dedicated heavy metal guitarist and this song is an EDM track. However, the unique sounds Dimebag Darrell produced on the guitar encouraged us to try some of them on an EDM track.

Hippie Freak Fag
Hippie Freak Fag Single Cover
Erica Joplin And Jerry Joplin
Erica Joplin And Jerry Joplin in the Space Room



Tod Browning’s Freaks

We didn’t lie to you, folks. We told you we had living, breathing, monstrosities. You’ll laugh at them, shudder at them, and yet, but for the accident of birth, you might be even as they are.

The camera reveals an attentive group of patrons standing. On the wall is a sign “Sword Swallower,” and in the background we glimpse some indistinct figures seated, as if on display.

They did not ask to be brought into the world, but into the world they came. Their code is a law unto themselves. Offend one, and you offend them all. (He leads the crowd to a fenced pit, whose contents are hidden from the camera.) And now, folks, if you’ll just step this way, you are about to witness the most amazing, the most astounding, living monstrosity of all time. (A woman screams.) Friends, she was once a beautiful woman. A royal prince shot himself for love of her. She was known as the peacock of the air…

Flashback to a beautiful woman performing on a trapeze. On the ground a pair of little people, male and female, dressed in formal attire, watch from behind a curtain. The female midget, Frieda, says something in German to her companion, Hans.

She’s the most beautiful big woman I have ever seen.

Why, Hans, how you talk! I should be jealous pretty soon.

Ah, don’t be silly.

Don’t be silly? I think this woman’s making eyes at my Hans. Of course, I ain’t jealous.

Oh, Frieda, my dear, I have eyes for only one woman–the woman I ask to be my wife.