Net Trips Space Out

Thank you to everyone launching our net trips on repeat! We have several folks running these as displays in their stores to create a spaced out atmosphere – Thank You! The net trips work perfectly for cannabis dispensaries! Please dig our spaced out net trips and share with people you love.

Net Trips Infinity

Infinite Net Trip

We formed Net Trips around Gustav Holst’s – The Planets. Each trip contains audio that will play upon the start of the trip. The audio levels are adjusted so that the loudest noises you will hear for the trip will be played at the very beginning of the trip. The trip is designed to be played endlessly and are very relaxing and trippy without any unexpected audio or video surprises. Enjoy!

Mars: Bringer of War 

Mars Bringer of War

Venus: Bringer of Peace 

Mercury: Winged Messenger

Net Trips Mercury
A Mercury Net Trip

Through The Stargate

As far as he could trust his senses, he appeared to be dropping vertically down a huge rectangular shaft, several thousand feet deep. He was moving faster and faster – but the far end never changed its size, and remained always at the same distance from him.

Only the stars moved, at first so slowly that it was some time before he realized that they were escaping out of the frame that held them. But in a little while it was obvious that the star field was expanding, as if it was rushing toward him at an inconceivable speed.

The expansion was nonlinear; the stars at the center hardly seemed to move, while those toward the edge accelerated more and more swiftly, until they became streaks of light just before they vanished from view.

There were always others to replace them, flowing into the center of the field from an apparently inexhaustible source. Bowman wondered what would happen if a star came straight toward him; would it continue to expand until he plunged directly into the face of a sun? But not one came near enough to show a disk; eventually they all veered aside, and streaked over the edge of their rectangular frame.

And still the far end of the shaft came no closer. It was almost as if the walls were moving with him, carrying him to his unknown destination. Or perhaps he was really motionless, and space was moving past him… Not only space, he suddenly realized, was involved in whatever was happening to him now.

2001 A Space Odyssey