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If you prefer, gasp, Sonicbids – our Electronic Press Kit is on Sonicbids, but we haven’t updated it there since Sonicbids was hacked in December of 2019! Sonicbids didn’t bother to tell anyone until it was already public, and we found from a 3rd party that Sonicbids LEAKED our password. But, go ahead – go on to the Sonicbids site if you don’t mind being hacked occasionally.

Press Kit: About Us

We are Erica and Jerry Joplin, expatriate Texans living the 420 hippie life in Colorado. Inspired by Dimebag Darrell & Janis Joplin, we started The Hell Raisin’ Hippies in 2015 to produce and perform unique music with a distinctly visual psychedelic style.

The underlying concepts of our music are intellectual freedom, individualism, and of course – UFOs.  We use an amusing and light-hearted approach to convey existential and intellectual messages to people who consider themselves citizens of the world. To those fans and citizens of the world, we want to convey a deep-hearted THANK YOU!

Genres: Electronic, Psychedelic, Experimental

Press Kit: Social Media Impact

Social Media Impact

Press Kit: Photos

Please find more photos on our photo page!

Press Kit: Biographical Information

Erica Joplin

  • Role: Manager, Vocals
  • Hometown: Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Experience: 7 years focus on music, Time as a professional dominatrix
  • Influences: Stevie Ray Vaughn, Dolly Parton, Mr Rogers, Mae West
  • First Musical Composition: “Hippie Freak Fag” – an expression of societal and sexual angst
  • Musical Goals: Erica’s enjoys finding fans because we frequently become their fans!

Jerry Joplin

  • Role: Producer, Musician, Vocals
  • Hometown: Fort Stockton, Texas, USA
  • Experience: 7 years focus on music,BS Computer Science
  • Influences: Dimebag Darrell, Janis Joplin, Tony Iommi, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin
  • First Musical Composition: “Defende Nos” – a combination of Latin chant and heavy metal guitar
  • Musical Goals: “Trip out” the entire world with psychedelic music and videos.

Press Coverage

  • Daily Music Roll: Rating 4.6/5 for Aliens Are Programming Our Brains
  • Hippie Trance from The Hell Raisin’ Hippies Gains Worldwide Popularity
  • “Trance of the Alien Vaccine” Excites Fans Worldwide
  • Enjoy the ‘Rejuvenating Composed’ by the Talented Jerry Joplin
  • MusicPC: Brilliant Artist Jerry Joplin is Gaining Massive Popularity Worldwide

Press Kit: Stage Plot

Our stage plot is a minimal DJ-like configuration.  Jerry Joplin can perform our trance music with a computer and midi keyboard.    Outputs are two video feeds and left/right audio main.

The stage plot to include Psychedelia requires a guitar and Mic via USB.

Stage Plot
Stage Plot Setups



  • Hippie Trance
    Release Type: Album
    Genre: Electronic, EDM, Dance
    Release Date: 08/16/2019
    UPC: 859733041992
  • Psychedelia
    Release Type: Album
    Genre: Electronic, Experimental
    Release Date: 04/22/2017
    UPC: 859720580572
  • Sessions In Madness
    Release Type: Album
    Genre: Heavy Metal, Electronic
    Release Date: 09/21/2016
    UPC: 859717296738
  • Rise!
    Release Type: Album
    Genre: Heavy Metal, Electronic
    Release Date: 11/13/2015
    UPC: 859715340976
  • B&D S&M Session Music 1.0
    Release Type: Album
    Genre: Heavy Metal, Electronic
    Release Date: 09/01/2015
    UPC: 859715343274


  • Trance of the Alien Vaccine
    Release Type: Single
    Genre: Electronic, EDM, Dance
    Release Date: 5/14/2021
    UPC: 859746944464
  • Trance of the Dead
    Release Type: Single
    Genre: Electronic, EDM, Dance
    Release Date: 6/12/2020
    UPC: 859738823241
  • The Brown Acid
    Release Type: Single
    Genre: Electronic, EDM, Dance
    Release Date: 04/20/2019
    UPC: 859731716779
  • Aliens Are Programming Our Brains
    Release Type: Single
    Genre: Electronic, EDM, Dance
    Release Date: 04/13/2019
    UPC: 859728857171
  • Date With A Dominatrix
    Release Type: Single
    Genre: Heavy Metal, Rock
    Release Date: 05/13/2016
    UPC: 859717267318
  • Hippie Freak Fag
    Release Type: Single
    Genre: EDM, Dance
    Release Date: 09/11/2015
    UPC: 859715547962


  • Ave Maria
    Release Type: Ringtone
    Genre: Electronic, Experimental
    Release Date: 10/29/2015
    UPC: 859715805598

Press Kit: Interview

This interview was conducted with Music Promotion Club on December 9th, 2019 and included in our Press Kit as Press Kit cornerstone content.

MPC: Hello, I’m overwhelmed that I met you on this certain day. It feels great! However, first of all, I would like to know how are you doing in the music industry? 

Jerry Joplin: Thanks for the interview!  The music industry can be very hard to break into for individuals, especially if your primary theme is individualism! Your interview really helps us a lot, so thank you very much indeed!  We’ve found that our information-based society puts a lot of “power” into the hands of established musicians and we’ve now reached the point where we have become “established” musicians!  The Hell Raisin’ Hippies are always trying to find the best way to utilize this power in a way that reaches the most people and is consistent with our progressive hippie ideals.

MPC: While dealing with music and its associated things did you find everything going on your favor?

Jerry Joplin: The individualistic approach to music is very difficult, but very satisfying.  Most music you hear has been professionally and algorithmically modified, engineered and mastered.  Though this process produces a familiar sound and structure, it can reduce or eliminate the individual’s contribution to the art itself.   In music, if you consider the “art” to be the entirety of the work including video and social media presentations of the art, then music contains a lot of aspects in which you’ll need to become proficient to effectively convey a message on individualism.   It has been difficult, but we’ve been thrilled and overwhelmed by our ability to communicate to the whole world!

MPC: When you released the track ‘Aliens Are Programming Our Brains’ how was the reaction of your fans?

Jerry Joplin: Thank you for the great question, the song “Aliens Are Programming Our Brains” was designed to get a reaction from people, and it is off to a great start!   In the age of “Musical SEO” this has been our best effort and your interview helps in this regard too, so thank you!   The song is positioned as a warning to society conveyed amusingly.  This warning essentially says that humans may not be at the top of the food chain in our galaxy.   The reaction has been great, the reaction has been so good that we “own” the concept of “aliens are programming our brains” on the Internet and each day we receive listens or views just by people interested in the concept of aliens modifying our brains.

MPC: What does the song represent?

Jerry Joplin: Advanced aliens species would find it remarkably easy to program human brains to perform certain activities, or think in a certain way.  This ability has largely been used in a medical capacity or utilized by intelligence agencies, but the song represents the concept of aliens modifying our brains driven by a heavy EDM beat.  We tried to develop the distinctive bass EDM riff in a way in which will always relate the riff itself to the concept of aliens, and especially the concept of aliens programming our brains in the listener’s mind.  In other words, when a person hears the riff – they’ll think of aliens!  In a way – we’re programming the listener’s brain in a way that aliens could easily perform to further the concept.

MPC: You have already listed some of the excellent music compositions. So, if you fans want to hear the best song, which one will you recommend?

Jerry Joplin: Fans often say our best song isPsychedelic Invention #6, Variations on a Theme by Jimi Hendrix, or a metal number entitled  “The Pit.”   Yet we have much more popular songs that reach far more people.   For this reason, we have found Electronica and EDM style music more effective for reaching wider audiences across the world and especially for reaching young people than either metal or a more traditional blues-influenced Psychedelia.

For EDM fans, we have two song recommendations.  The first recommendation is a chilled-out number  from our album Hippie Trance entitled: “A White Whale” that is easy to listen to for most people.  Also from Hippie Trance is the extended version of “Aliens Are Programming Our Brains” in “Aliens Are Programming Our Brains Again” which has proven to be more engaging on Spotify than the original number and focuses much more on the heavy EDM beat than the original number.

If you liked “Aliens Are Programming Our Brains” you’re certain to love “Aliens Are Programming Our Brains Again!

MPC: Do you give preference to the live performances?

Jerry Joplin: We have oriented most of our music for trippy sounding soundtracks or music video snippets.  In fact, if you’ve heard a soundtrack that was extremely “trippy” or “spacey” it may have been us, so be sure and check the credits for “The Hell Raisin’ Hippies!”  Still, this approach translates very well to performances using the psychedelic style of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd. Performances are targeted to a smaller and very chilled-out audience with accompanying psychedelic visuals.  When it’s 4:20, it’s time to chill out to one of our psychedelic sets!

MPC: If you are asked to collaborate with any of the famous icons from the music industry whose name you will love to pronounce?

Jerry Joplin: When we (Erica and Jerry Joplin) were married, the first event on our honeymoon was a Rob Zombie concert with a mosh pit in Dallas, Texas.   We love both the music and films by Rob Zombie and any collaboration with them would be an immense privilege, especially if we could meet Sheri Moon Zombie!   We think Rob Zombie may have captured the creepiest scene in film history in his 2007 Halloween showing a young Mike Myers in the police car after his first murder spree.   Jerry still goes back to trance numbers from Rob Zombie for motivation and inspiration.  We also love his guitarist, John 5!

MPC: Tell us something more about the features that make a track truly powerful.

Jerry Joplin: It is shocking to realize how much power our society gives to musicians.   Our first encounter with this power came when we released a YouTube track in coordination with a rock festival and targeted the audience attending the concert on Facebook.  The track went viral!   It was provocatively entitled “Date With A Dominatrix” and hinted at forbidden erotic content.  Yet the track is actually rated “G” and is a tongue-in-cheek view of both music videos and people searching for erotic content on YouTube.  People “got” the joke!  We had 100,000 people listen to the song in a single week!

From that experience, we learned some of the power that can make a track a success in the age of the Internet and SEO.   Aliens Are Programming Our Brains, and it’s follow-up, Aliens Are Programming Our Brains Again are two examples of our reaching out with music and video over the Internet to convey a universal message.

MPC: What are the main skills that have made your track unique?

Jerry Joplin: The track contains a distinctive EDM base beat that instantly makes the listener think of a contemporary trance festival, or a dance club.  As the track reinforces the theme of aliens modifying our brains, the beat becomes synonymous with the unique concept itself to further reinforce both the track and the concepts conveyed.   Many people upon hearing the audio version will search the Internet for the concept, and they find us!   This reinforcing combination has been remarkably effective and we hope to build upon this concept much more in the future.

MPC: Tell us about your career – the ups and downs that you have faced so far.

Jerry Joplin: All of “the downs” we’ve faced so far have helped us grow.   If you approach music as an endeavor in individualism, then putting together a final product can be much, much harder than you ever anticipated.  For example, how do you “master” a track?  How do you create a high-resolution music video?  How do you market yourself?  These are all things we’ve had to learn as we go and it can be extraordinarily difficult.   The usual approach is to “master” a track using a professional service, but then the artist gives away much of the sound which makes it unique to the individual.   It has been extremely hard to excel at particular aspects of music and to keep it individualistic.

On the other hand, it has been extremely fun to experience “the ups” in our musical career.  We often laugh together with people’s positive reaction to our track in Burma, India, or elsewhere.  Then we love to compare that reaction to how people in Libya or Morocco feel about the number.   We often find that people all over the world are very similar but have distinctive characteristics that we’ve grown to love.  For example, did you know that Libya is an Arab culture where women play a leading role in society?   We didn’t know this before getting into music, but now we do!  And more interestingly to us, for some reason Libyan Arabs like our music more than other Arabs!  The entire experience of putting together music that people listen to in Libya has been an incredible ride for us and we feel like we’re just getting started!

MPC: Being an icon in this industry how will you love to contribute to society?

Jerry Joplin: This might be fanciful, but one of our causes is the world-wide legalization of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, mushrooms, or MDMA.  People neither become addicted nor do they overdose on psychedelic drugs and their effect can have a substantial positive effect on the treatment of other addictions of mental conditions.  Additionally, peoples living in the pre-Columbian Americas largely used psychedelic drugs as a spiritual and creative experience.   For example, contemporary archaeologists are pretty sure the Nazca Lines were created by people tripping out on mescaline.   There are broken pots lined with mescaline all along the paths of the Nazca Lines.    Look at the wonders created by people using psychedelic drugs in antiquity!  We believe that if the prohibition on psychedelic drugs was removed, the human psyche would be opened to unanticipated creative and spiritual gains.

MPC: Is there anything you will love to share with your fans?

Jerry Joplin: Thank you so much for this interview!  It gives us a chance to say a very big “Thank You!” to everyone that has supported us, or listened to our music, or watched our videos!   We are shocked at how much exposure we’ve received and are working diligently to make sure we keep getting better and better.  

Thank you so much and stay on the lookout for more craziness from The Hell Raisin’ Hippies!