The Microdot Menagerie

Please join us on Instagram as we release The Microdot Menagerie, an animated film told with video and music coupled together from the outset of development. We plan to release both clips from the film and promotional videos during development on Instagram and finally release the movie on YouTube. The promotional Instagram clip above (assuming the BBC doesn’t take down our whovian psychedelicized video) shows Captain Pane in his quarters, watching his inspirational figure, Vincent van Gogh. The televised scene is from the Doctor Who episode, Vincent and the Doctor.

Our full story is loosely based on the original Star Trek’s episodes, The Menagerie Parts 1 and 2, and accordingly we plan to release the film in two parts:

Captain Christopher W. Pane

The Microdot Menagerie follows the story of Captain Christopher W. Pane’s tragic psychedelic accident, his confinement to a brain-wave operated wheelchair, and onto his final regeneration in a world populated by aliens with the power of telekinesis. We introduced Captain Pane in: Psychedelic Invention #11, Psychedelic Invention #12, and Psychedelic Invention #13 from The Hell Raisin’ Hippies 4th album, Psychedelia.

Captain Pane Pre-Accident
Captain Pane Pre-Accident

Above we see Captain Pane in happier days, just moments before the tragic baffle plate rupture on a J-class cruiser’s training mission near the Nazca Lines in Peru. As you will recall, Captain Pane saved the lives of all the trainees aboard but suffered horrific burns leaving him unable to move or speak. After the accident, Captain Pane could only communicate yes or no beeps using his brainwave-operated wheelchair.

Please bear with us as this is the biggest undertaking we’ve attempted since starting our musical adventure in 2013. Telekinetic aliens are not easy to portray and we expect this will take us more than a year to complete, thus we are mostly taking a break from social media to focus on the two releases of The Microdot Menagerie. You’re very welcome to join us on Instagram as we begin to release tracks by The Hell Raisin’ Hippies!